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About Villa Nova Dental Clinic

VILLA NOVA Dental Clinic is one of Europe’s most modern dental clinics. The clinic’s buildingis accessible to people with disabilities and it is located in a peaceful, elegant and safe neighbourhood. Patients are taken care of by the best specialists, who boast outstanding scientific and medical achievements supported by experience, and display caring and warm attitude towards patients. The Clinic offers a full range ofs ervices, including aesthetic dentistry treatment and orthodontic procedures with the use of state-of-the-art technologies and world-class medical diagnostic equipment.

Aesthetic dentistry – an area of dentistry aimed at improving the appearanceof teeth and face – was created in response to the growing demandfor a beautiful and snow-white smile, which became an important assetin personal and professional life. The clinic offers as many as 8methods of teeth whitening. Modern orthodontics is not only aboutmonitoring the tooth and face development and correctingmisalignments in teeth and facial bones. Effective orthodontictreatment delays facial ageing, ensures correct improvedpronunciation, easier teeth cleaning, as well as better chewingfunction (better function of the digestive system). Additionally, thetreatment can eliminate acute headaches related to thetemporomandibular joint dysfunction.

An important department of our clinic is children’s dentistry. If we take care of our children’s teeth effectively, we will spare them complex and costly treatment in adult life.

At Villa Nova Dental Clinic all procedures are carried out in a friendly and stress-free atmosphere, which helps develop in children apositive attitude towards visits in a dental surgery.

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"Dental Checkup"
4.6 50Reviewed 05 Nov 2012 Verified user. Review confirmed by email.
Treatment Received: Dental Checkup
Yes very pleased. Cost was reasonable
Total Amount Paid £8
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Gerald Warsaw
"I have had treatment there on 3 occassions so far"
4.9 50Reviewed 05 Aug 2010 We were unable to verify the reviewer.
Treatment Received: Dentist Consultation
Were you pleased with the treatment? Villa Nova Dental Clinic is a superb professional establishment.
I have had treatment there on 3 occassions so far.
Would you recommend the clinic? Even though I do not speak Polish, I am very happy with the reception friendliness and the treatment I received here.
Would you return for further treatment? The treatment I received in Villa Nova Clinic was exemplary.
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Michael Wexford Ireland
"I will be returning again"
4.8 50Reviewed 27 Jul 2010 We were unable to verify the reviewer.
Treatment Received: Dentist Consultation
Were you pleased with the treatment? I am very pleased with the excellent treatment and the first class results which I receive here.
I will be returning again.
Would you recommend the clinic? I would recommend this clinic.
The friendly staff go to great lengths to make me feel comfortable here.
Would you return for further treatment? I am returning this week for treatment -
and I will be returning next month for further treatment .
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Michael Wexford Ireland
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At Villa Nova Dental Clinic we control the development of the dentition and face and correct abnormalities,dramatically improving the patient’s appearance and well-being after just a few appointments.

A beautiful smile, younger appearance and more self-confidence are just a few of the benefits offered by orthodontic treatment. Other advantages include:

  • delayed ageing of the face,
  • improved pronunciation,
  • easier tooth cleaning (reduced susceptibility to dental caries, tartar build-up and periodontosis),
  • improved chewing (better digestion),
  • elimination or reduction of nagging headaches related to disorders of the temporomandibular joints.


Even the most technologically advanced dental braces are just a tool in the hands of a specialist. What matters most are skills, experience and knowledge of the orthodontist whom you trust with your health and smile.

We have the largest team of orthodontists from all private clinics in Poland, and our doctors are top specialists and holders of many prestigious medical and scientific distinctions that translate into 100% satisfaction of each of our patients deciding to improve their smile.

The members of our team have many years of experience and regularly participate in trainings and conferences attended by world-class speakers, allowing them to continuously improve their qualifications. Numerous international certificates confirm their competences in treatment with the use of the MBT technique, the SWLF low friction technology, the TEN BROOK System, the DAMON System and the INCOGNITO lingual technique.

Villa Nova Dental Clinic offers many types of modern and effective treatment of occlusal abnormalities based on the latest knowledge and technology in the field of orthodontics.

Adult Braces
Ceramic Braces
Child Braces
Clear Braces
Damon™ Braces
Incognito™ Braces
Metal Braces
Orthodontic Retainer
Removable Braces
Cosmetic Dentist Consultation
Dental Bonding
As aesthetic dentistry is committed to the principle of minimum intervention with maximum effect, any management starts with less invasive methods. For example, if a tooth has an abnormal shape (peg or small tooth, or deformed after injury), shows the presence of diastema or congenital enamel defects, treatment begins with an attempt to correct the shape with composite material, and only if the method fails to achieve satisfactory results are other methods considered, such as orthodontic correction, ceramic veneers or prosthetic crowns. The Villa Nova Dental Clinic has achieved outstanding results in this field, in particular due to the application of the most recent generation of composite materials (GRADIA, ENAMEL Plus) for aesthetic tooth reconstruction and perfect matching of the colour of the filling to the tooth colour by means of the most recent apparatus for this purpose, the SPECTROSHADE spectrophotometer. This is a novel system that digitally analyses the picture visible to the naked eye; it is used not only in aesthetic dentistry, but also in conservative dentistry and prosthetics, ensuring a perfect match.
Dental Bridges

Prosthetic bridges belong to permanent prosthetic restorations, used to fill a gap or gaps in the dental arch left by missing teeth. A typical prosthetic bridge consists of prosthetic crowns placed on abutment teeth (or implants) connected with the pontic or pontics (artificial teeth), replacing the missing teeth.

Based on the type of material used, they are divided into:

  • ceramic bridges (made on a metal base –common steel or gold),
  • all-ceramic bridges,
  • composite or acrylic inlay bridges used as a temporary solution.
Dental Checkup
Dental Crowns

Prosthetic crowns are a type of prosthetic restoration allowing for the reconstruction of severely damaged teeth –extensive carious cavities, numerous composite restorations. It is the most durable solution that lets our patients enjoy a beautiful smile for many years.

An aesthetic prosthetic crown is consists of two elements – the so-called base, i.e. a cap, and porcelain, which is fused onto that cap and which resembles dental tissue. The base can be made from metal (noble or common) or from special, hard porcelain.


High aesthetic expectations set for prosthetic restorations led to a number of studies focused on finding a prosthetic solution that will best imitate the natural tooth enamel. Currently all-ceramic restorations are considered one of the best. The high standard of restoration is achieved thanks to the use of computers at every stage of design and production. Thanks to this, the prosthetic restoration has the same characteristics as a natural tooth.

The main feature that distinguishes an all-ceramic crown from a classical porcelain crown on metal is the presence of a ceramic root that replaces the metal one and closely resembles the natural structure of the tooth.

Porcelain Crown
Zirconia Crown
Dental Implants

At Villa Nova Dental Clinic we use only proven and thoroughly tested implant systems of the highest quality. This is confirmed by multicentre clinical trials conducted in many European countries and in the USA. We offer the most technologically advanced devices, and we were one of the first clinics in Poland to use Piezosurgery – a maximally atraumatic bone surgery with the use of ultrasound. All that guarantees our patients’ safety.

The implants used today are small titanium-made screws placed surgically in the jaw bones; they replace root of the missing tooth and provide a support for the new tooth crown.

Dental Sealant

Pit and fissure sealing consists in filling teeth pits and fissures with a special material called fissure sealant.Pits and fissures are places where food debris accumulates and bacteria grow. Their intricate shapes make it difficult or even impossible to clean them with a toothbrush, thus promoting the development of caries. Therefore, sealing both milk and permanent teeth is done to protect them from the carious process. The sealing procedure should be performed as early as possible after the tooth appears in the mouth; however, the tooth should be erupted enough to be able to separate it from saliva. The procedure involves especially healthy permanent molar and premolar teeth, as well as molar milk teeth. It is also possible to seal pits and fissures in the palatine surfaces of permanent 2nd incisors. It is an excellent method of caries prevention. Simple, painless and efficient, it offers caries reduction of 90%.

Dental X-Ray

In our Clinic roentgen films went out of date. Now we’re closer to perfection. We use state-of-the-art digital programmes for taking dental radiographs by means of digital radiography techniques (the image of the examined object is obtained not on a roentgen film but on a computer screen), which decrease the radiation dose up to 9 times in comparison with traditional X-rays.

This is not the end of our novelties and innovations. Digital software connected to the dental panoramic radiograph and other radiographic devices allows for the display of more details on the screen, as well as for the image to be viewed in 3D. Thanks to X-ray diagnostics nothing will escape the dentist’s attention.

Success in dental treatment is ensured by the experience and knowledge of the dentist supported by the possibilities provided by modern diagnostic tools.

Our X-ray lab offers:

  • panoramic x-rays,
  • dental X-rays,
  • sinus X-rays,
  • temporomandibular joint X-rays and
  • teleroentgenographic images required for orthodontic treatment.

And this means that nothing human is…invisible to us.

Dentist Consultation
Dentures Repair
Full Dentures
These are removable restoration made of acrylic plastic. The main indication for their use involves toothlessness or extensive tooth loss, where the application of other dentures (skeletal, permanent, implant-based ones) is impossible.
Immediate Dentures
An immediate denture is a removable prosthetic restoration given to the patient just after tooth extraction, when the patient is still under anaesthesia. All the activities related to the preparation of such a denture are done before extraction of the tooth. Such management allows the patient to avoid the discomfort related to the lack of teeth, as well as providing normal living conditions and the possibility of containing professional work. It also promotes and improves healing of post-extraction wounds. However, the use of such a solution requires strict observation of the dentist's recommendations, frequent check-up visits and maintaining perfect hygiene of the oral cavity and denture.
Overdenture is a removable prosthetic restoration that covers the whole surface of the roots of remaining teeth, or implants. Such dentures are fixed on the roots or implants by a system of locks (usually ball ones). This type of restoration fulfils aesthetic needs, protects the jaw bone from atrophy and provides the patient with acceptable comfort. However, a prerequisite for the use of such dentures is for the patient to acquire principles of perfect oral hygiene and regular check-up visits. It should be noted that in toothless patients the overdenture may be supported on only two implants in the upper and lower jaw, which improves comfort in use enormously for a relatively low price, compared to full dentures.
Denturist Consultation
Endodontist Consultation
Tooth extraction consists of the separation of the tooth from adjacent tissues and its removal from the alveolus (tooth socket). The dentist's skills and co-operation of the patient ensure the appropriate course of the procedures and prevent complications.
Surgical Extractions
This way of extraction is designed mostly for the roots of tooth remaining in the gum and for impacted teeth. An impacted tooth is a tooth that remains embedded in the gums or jaw bone despite its development being completed (it may be completely invisible or only partially visible in the mouth). The problem usually refers to wisdom teeth. Surgical tooth extraction is a more complex procedure and requires more time than simple tooth extraction; however, thanks to the skills of our specialist, it does not result in particular discomfort for our patients, and appropriate wound dressings promote and accelerate healing.
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Family Dentist Consultation
Preparation and filling the carious cavity - the procedure consists of the removal of caries-affected tooth tissues and filling of the cavity with special material.
Fluoride Therapy
Fluorine is a scientifically proven weapon of dentists, widely used in dental disease prevention. The most common form of professional fluoride prevention is the varnishing of clean teeth with a fluoride-based varnish, such as Fluor Protector or Duraphat (the latter is recommended particularly for children). Such varnishes are used commonly in the protection of both the entire dentition and selected teeth. Thanks to its long-lasting advantages, such as good adhesion to dental enamel and prolonged presence on its surface, and thus slow release of fluorine, they provide up to 40% reduction in dental caries. The varnishing procedure should be repeated 2-4 times a year, depending on the patient's susceptibility to caries. Fluorine applied in the form of such varnish: strengthens the enamel in adults and children; reduces the build-up of dental plaque; prevents the development of secondary caries (adjacent to fillings) ; prevents the development of caries during treatment with permanent braces; reduces hypersensitivity of the necks of the teeth.
Gingivitis Treatment
Gum Surgery
Gingival Flap Surgery
Gum Contouring and Reshaping
Implant Dentist Consultation
Inlay or Onlay
There are numerous kinds of inlays, used to fill cavities. Cast metal inlays have been used in dentistry for 100 years. First a tooth is appropriately prepared, and then a wax impression of a gypsum inlay is made. Finally a metal, composite resin or ceramic inlay is cast. A hardened inlay in its final form is cemented in a cavity or glued with a special adhesive material. Using inlays enables reconstructing the chewing surface of a tooth, thanks to which the tooth is actively and fully used in chewing food; moreover, it is possible to restore contact points and maintain appropriate tooth and mouth care. In order to fill huge cavities, also in lateral teeth treated previously with a root canal therapy (not to be treated with implant-borne prosthetic crowns yet) the so-called onlays or overlays are used, which cover the whole chewing surface of a tooth. Composite resin structures are modelled in a lab, where the high-temperature polymerisation process is carried out using a special machine. An onlay is cemented to the dental tissues with adhesive resins, which results in a complete filling of a cavity thanks to eliminating the effect of polymerisation shrinkage which occurs after filling a dental cavity at the dentist's office.
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Consultation
Orthodontist Consultation
Paediatric Dentist Consultation
Periodontist Consultation
Periodontitis Treatment
Restorative Dentist Consultation
Root canals
This method of treatment is successfully used in cases of more advanced pulp inflammation. The core of the canal treatment is the removal of the affected pulp from the dental chamber and root canals, mechanical dilatation and disinfection of the canals and tightly filling of the canals with special material.
Sedation for dental treatments
Sinus Lift
Teeth Cleaning
Scaling is the procedure of removing hard dental deposit (tartar) on the tooth crowns with the use of an ultrasonic device, dental scaler. Scaling is usually painless (some pain may occur only in the case of inflammation of the tissues adjacent to the tooth; then local anaesthesia is applied). Each scaling procedure is completed with polishing the tooth surfaces, which prevents further build-up of dental plaque and gives the patient the pleasant sensation of smooth teeth.
Scaling and Root Planing
Ultrasonic Scaling
Teeth Whitening
The US-developed NITE WHITE system is an efficient, painless, easy and safe method of tooth whitening to be used at home. This technique allows even very dark teeth to be whitened, whether live or dead, even if discoloration is caused by coffee, tea, red wine, smoking or is of a genetic origin to be whitened. The active product is a gel with a pleasant mint or cherry flavour. The procedure consists of the following steps: The dentist takes the impression of the patient's dental arch, Then a special overlay on the teeth (like a shield), perfectly matching the patient's teeth, in prepared in our laboratory, During the next visit the patient is provided with the overlays and syringes with the bleaching gel, together with detailed instructions for use. The professional tooth fluoridation after completion of the treatment is of great benefit. Usually the results of the treatment may be apparent after the first night; however, to obtain a permanent effect, the whitening procedure should be continued for 10-14 days. Generally the procedure does not need to be repeated; however, if slight darkening of the teeth occurs after some time, a repeat procedure may be performed after 6-12 months, involving wearing the overlay for 1-2 nights.
Home Whitening Kits
Zoom! Teeth Whitening
Treatment of Dental Abscess
This is a subsequent step in the process of improving tooth aesthetics, which is used in the case of heavy extensive tooth discoloration resistant to the whitening systems, tooth wear or significant underdevelopment of the enamel. The method provides an excellent aesthetic effect thanks to very sparing preparation of the enamel on the frontal surface of the tooth and supplementing it with a ceramic "cover".
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Dr Emma Kiworkowa - Raczkowska



Dr. Emma Kiworkowa-Raczkowska obtained her High School Diploma in Middletown High School, USA. In 2001 she graduated from the Warsaw Medical Academy and 5 years later she defended her doctoral thesis at the Lublin Medical Academy. She participated in over 40 trainings in the field of orthodontics, in which she began her specialty training in 2004. She co-authored 10 scientific papers and many convention communications devoted to the role of radiological diagnostics in dentistry and orthodontics, as well as other topics. She translated several chapters from the “Dental radiology” textbook, edited by Prof. T.K. Rózylo. She speaks Polish, English and Russian fluently, and has very good command of German and French. She is a co-owner of Villa Nova Dental Clinic and a leader of the orthodontic team.

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