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Beo Smile Design

0203 514 1518 ext: 44724 Belgrade, Serbia
Rating from 8 Reviews Full new smileMichael, Serbia, 11 Jan 17

Because of an injury that I suffered, I had a big problem with the left side of my upper jaw. The teeth were in bad shape, most of them broken and some of them even got infected. My dentist recommended for those teeth to be removed and for implants to be put instead. Unfortunately the treatment in Germany was at the time too much for me to pay, but luckily, I had a friend from Serbia that advised me to visit BSD. Teeth removal and the whole implant treatment was painless and in the end left me with a full new smile and the whole process was done in 3 sessions. The staff was very professional and kind. Patience of theirs was on another level since I could only describe myself as quite s needy patient. The clinic itself was on an easily reachable location. The treatment was done according to the agreement and the payment remained the same. Thank you very much and all best to you BSD.

Implant Bridge £196 - £400
Price for metal ceramic crown on implant start from 200 to 300€.Full ceramic crown on implant start from 330-450€
Dental Bridges  
3-Unit Bridge £71 - £222
4 more treatments
5.0 / 5  Outstanding
from 583 users
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Dental Clinic Dr Popovic

0203 322 9884 ext: 10386 Belgrade, Serbia
Rating from 13 Reviews Great experience from start to finishBarry, UK, 03 Mar 17

I had 8 crowns on upper teeth, 3 root canals, 2 fillings and bottom teeth whitened. Great experience from start to finish. The staff were friendly, welcoming and very professional. Every bit as good, if not better than dentist in the U.K and at a fraction of the cost. Belgrade is also a great city to visit and people are very friendly when you get to know them. Belgrade will definitely be one of my cities to visit every year and I will be going back again this year in the summer. Thanks for the good memories! See you all soon Barry

Implant Bridge £178 - £400
Price for metal ceramic crown on implant starts from 200e to 300e. Full ceramic crown on implant from 350 to 450e.
Dental Bridges £71 - £222
Per unit, PFM or full ceramic
3-Unit Bridge £213 - £667
Porcelain fused to metal, full ceramic
1 more treatment
4.9 / 5  Outstanding
from 3,789 users
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Dr.Cem Baysal - Implantology/Radiology Specialist

0800 011 9664 Istanbul, Turkey
Rating from 103 Reviews I was willing to pay my hard earned money to get treatment from himAbu, UK, 14 Jul 17

I had an amazing experience with this dentist, I called from the UK for treatment and immediately got a callback. I told the dentist my problems and he told me to send pictures. He gave me great free advice after I was badly advised by a different dentist. I genuinely felt he had my best interests at heart even though I never met him. I never really give reviews but I really appreciated the honesty and integrity of the dentist. I was willing to pay my hard earned money to get treatment from him but he advised me to save my money and go for a different type of treatment in the UK. I haven't met him but I believe the dentist has his patients interests at heart and that is vital for dental treatment. Excellent, 5 stars.

Implant Bridge from £587
Same materials as we use for bridges, but for implants
Dental Bridges from £587
Picture: laser gum leveling, removed metal based crowns, upper right bridge, other teeth single crowns. one bridge includes 3 teeth
3-Unit Bridge from £400
3 more treatments
4.3 / 5  Excellent
from 62 users
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Dental Clinic Expert

017683 92028 Istanbul, Turkey
Rating from 3 Reviews I am impressed with the results and the quality is very goodAmin, bruxelle, 29 Oct 18

I did 4 dental implants. I am impressed with the results and the quality is very good. What really interested me in this clinic is that the quality is really better but the price it is realistic. For 4 dental implants, I paid between 1000 and 1500€ compared to the price of dental implants in Belgium. I visited this clinic 2 months ago. I wanted to share my experience with you because I was really satisfied with the quality of the services and the quality of the medical staff. They are really professional and experienced.

Implant Bridge £291 - £388
Dentist Consultation  
Dental Implants £409 - £560
5 more treatments
4.3 / 5  Excellent
from 718 users
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Bordon Clinic

0800 808 5310 Madrid, Spain
Rating from 22 Reviews I was very comfortable with the doctor and you could tell they were experiencedDawn, France, 30 Nov 16

I'm from the United States and I live in France, when I needed to get my crown replaced I started to do some research and discovered the cost of my treatment would be roughly 3 times the price in France as it is in Spain, so I decided to get it done in Spain whilst away on a business trip. Upon arriving at the clinic I felt it was very nice, clean and easy to find. The receptionists didn't speak English, but the doctor was fully bilingual and this really made my visit much easier, it was a deciding factor in choosing to come here. I was very comfortable with the doctor and you could tell they were experienced. I needed a crown replaced, in my first session I had a consultation and the details of my new porcelain crown was sent off to the lab to be made. I'm going back tomorrow, 3 weeks later to get the crown fitted. I had a similar treatment in the US, the doctor here used the same techniques and was of a similar experience, so I knew it was going to be a good experience, which it was. The treatment itself was good value, 3 times less than french prices. I was quoted a price by the clinic in an email following a detailed explanation of my problem and this was the same price I was charged following my treatment.

Implant Bridge from £400
Dental Bridges £800 - £920
3-Unit Bridge £800 - £920
2 more treatments
5.0 / 5  Outstanding
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Dental Care Croatia

0203 322 9884 ext: 65482 Split, Croatia
Rating from 8 Reviews She inspires great confidence because of her professionalismDouglas, UK, 18 Sep 17

A friend and I received various surgical interventions: 2 tooth extractions, 1 root canal, bone implants and 5 tooth implants between us. Dr. Marina Jezina is a very good communicator and explained in perfect English each phase of the interventions so that we understood why they were being done and how. All the work was carried out under local anaesthesia and there was some pain and discomfort at times, though inevitable considering the scale of the work that was carried out. We are awaiting the final phase of the work, which requires a 6 month waiting period before placing of crowns, and 10 days after the interventions healing has been good and according to plan. I chose Dr. Jezina's clinic because of the good reviews on WhatClinic, her qualifications - particularly course work and training done at a specialized teaching clinic in the US, and because of the beauty of Split and nearby coastal islands which we were able to enjoy for a few days as a reward for the dental surgery we had undergone. Dr. Jezina inspires great confidence because of her professionalism in carrying out the work and her clear explanations and instructions - as well as her pleasant manner with patients.

Implant Bridge from £667
Dental Bridges from £107
3-Unit Bridge  
4 more treatments
4.5 / 5  Excellent
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0203 962 2408 Vilnius, Lithuania
Rating from 14 Reviews She is highly skilledEivind, Norway, 06 Aug 17

I had different types of treatment (implant, veneers) with Dr. Day-Stirrat in April and July, and have been most pleased with it. She is highly skilled and I found the treatment to be pleasant and virtually painless. Of course, I also saved more than 50% economically on having the treatment done in Vilnius. In addition, both the doctor herself and her team provides excellent service. On very short notice they tried hard to fit me into their busy schedule, even opening the clinic one hour early only to accommodate me. Overall, I can highly recommend Odontika and I will continue to use this clinic myself.

Implant Bridge  
Dental Bridges £587 - £934
3-Unit Bridge £587 - £934
3 more treatments
4.5 / 5  Excellent
from 210 users
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0203 872 3025 Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Rating from 1 Review A first-class dentist and very friendly in a professional wayHervé, UK, 09 Apr 18

I was trying to decide where to go for a front tooth implant. When I got a phone call from Pascal Wagener a dentist just outside Palma Mallorca, I made my mind up there and then. I'd rather go to Mallorca than Romania even though, it would be slightly more expensive. Pascal Wagener carried out the first consultation free of charge. After getting my scan, he started the work. A bridge, an implant and fitted the permanent crowns a week later. A first-class dentist and very friendly in a professional way. If I ever need any other work done, I would definitely go to Palma dentist again.

Implant Bridge £1127 - £1571
3-Unit Bridge £878 - £1305
4.8 / 5  Outstanding
from 969 users
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Project Smile - Dental Treatment in Gdansk

0800 011 9842 Gdansk, Poland
Rating from 39 Reviews They are incredibly skilledJamie, Poland, 11 Aug 17

I've just completed my treatment at Project Smile: two dental implants, with two teeth on one implant and one tooth on the other. This also entailed two extractions. I have waited until completion of the procedure to write this. In my case, there was a significant gap between getting the implants and the actual abutments and crowns, and I wanted to make sure nothing would happen to invalidate a prematurely gushing review. But, as I expected, nothing did go wrong, and I now feel one hundred percent confident in recommending Project Smile. I'm writing this with some very solid-feeling, natural looking gnashers in place! I won't go into the reasons my teeth needed replacing - mark that up to youthful pugnaciousness. Suffice it to say that, in my mind, I had built up the whole situation into terrifyingly gargantuan proportions. Three extractions! Ghastly implants! What could be worse? And I'm sure many people reading this will be feeling exactly the same way. Well, I'm here to tell you Project Smile is more-or-less artists of dentistry. Compared to any dentist I've ever been to (admittedly only in the UK) they are *incredibly* skilled. I would rate the pain level at 1/10 at worst - significantly less painful, for example, than the 'deep clean' procedure I endured at the hands of a UK hygienist, which I'd have placed about 6.5/10. I promise you that I'm in no way a macho type. Had the procedure hurt in any significant way, at any point, I would tell you. I cannot emphasise enough the astonishing levels of competence and care exhibited at Project Smile, from the almost unnoticeable administration of anaesthetic, to actual the technique of removing the teeth (again I won't go into it in too much detail, but it does not involve the "brace-and-yank" ghastliness I have experienced in the past. You barely know it's happening. As other commentators have pointed out, the surgeon is incredibly gentle. It is next-level dentistry. For anyone worrying about the actual procedure of having the implants put in: I get it, it's a big thing. But, at least if you're going with Project Smile, this 'big thing' is going to be mostly in your mind - the actual procedure was no 'worse' than a root canal, and if anything less intense. Keep in mind that 1/10 discomfort level: you really only notice the anesthetic administration and that's it! I was able to start relaxing as my trust in these teeth-wizards started to build, minute by minute. Believe me, relaxing is the last thing I thought I would be doing! After the procedure, the facilitator Patryk took me down to the nearby clinic to grab antibiotics and painkillers, just plain Ibuprofen if I remember right and I was good to go. A little sensitivity in the days that followed but nothing significant. Actually, I ate an *excellent* dinner at a restaurant recommended by the clinic that very evening! Now possibly this sounds stupid, but for the avoidance of doubt, they won't leave you with "pegs sticking up" (another of my little-fabricated horrors) while you wait for the implants to settle. You get a perfectly good bridge, one I was able to live with comfortably for 6-7 months. The extended period due to me being out of Europe on business. When the time comes, they just swap that out for your new teeth. Here's what I say to anyone thinking of getting an essential procedure like this done at Project Smile: just do it. Choose them not just because they're cheaper than 'back home', but because they are offering an incredible level of service, care and attention. I'm no tooth expert, but I'd be surprised if their service is matched many places in the world. And get it done now. Because I promise you, you'll wonder what you were ever worried about. Finally, for those wondering about the organizational aspects of spending time in Gdansk - don't. It's a cool, safe little city with great food and a really nice old town you can get lost in. Patryk, Project Smile's facilitator, can sort you out with trips to and from the airport and places to stay and you can trust him. But there's plenty of options online if you want to pick somewhere fun by yourself. I'd recommend the old town, even if the locals disdain it somewhat it's great for the wealth of restaurants, bars and nice walks! Perhaps the most indicative thing I can say about this treatment was that I actually *looked forward* to coming back to Gdansk to finish it off. I knew it wouldn't be traumatic, and Project Smile has helped me get over the fear I had of anything involving dental work. The only problem now is I won't want to see anyone else. I'm a Project Smile monogamist! In case there's any doubt after all this, this is an *11/10 review*. Unhesitating recommendation. Would implant again. Even if the 'old town' is actually mostly reconstructed, they've done a really great job of it. If you do stay there, make sure you eat at the restaurant 'Prologue'. Thank me later. Chosen for recommendation from UK dentist (go to Poland, we don't do implants on NHS!), Reddit r/dental subforum ("Poland is the best place for dental tourism! Don't go to Mexico!), and this site - I mean check out the stellar reviews. Still, I had my doubts. No doubts remain. The clinic is smart and well-appointed. The staff are super professional, personable and pleasant. The level of competence is off-the-charts. Alright: that's enough from me. I'm off to enjoy my last two days in Gdasnk, with my new pearly whites.

Implant Bridge £1961 - £2539
Dental Implants £454 - £661
Immediate Implant Placement £454 - £661
4 more treatments
4.8 / 5  Outstanding
from 158 users
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Astra Dent Dental Clinic

0203 974 2952 Kiev, Ukraine
Rating from 2 Reviews Thanks to this advanced technology I saved a lot of time, money and painWill, Edinburgh, 17 Sep 18

Great service. I went in thinking I needed a root canal. However, after a 3D scan and some examination, the dentist said I didn't need it at all. So thanks to this advanced technology I saved a lot of time, money and pain. Great! Very modern and clean. This place has 8 branches and around 200 dentists. It's more modern than most UK dentist practices I've been to. Maria was very helpful in translating for me and everyone was super friendly. I got an appointment on the same day. Excellent!

Implant Bridge from £199
Maryland Bridge up to £282
Permanent Bridge £114 - £771
3.8 / 5  Very Good
from 323 users
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Dental Clinic "Bobic"

0203 322 9884 ext: 23509 Novi Sad, Serbia
Rating from 12 Reviews Overall experience was greatSvetlana, Edmonton, Alberta, 22 Jun 15

I had a root canal and four fillings, as well as a cleaning all done in a few hours. Prior to arriving to Novi Sad, everything was communicated via email; Dr. Bobic speaks English proficiently and addressed all of my issues and concerns, as well as accommodated me according to my tight schedule. My overall experience was great. At first I was not too sure with the location of the clinic as it is secluded and part of an apartment complex. However, the clinic is big enough for one on one services, as well as clean and well maintained. I was greeted with great customer service. I recommend "Bobic" clinic to anyone!

Implant Bridge  
Dental Bridges £60 - £135
Bridges are placed on natural teeth or implants where missing one or more teeth that need to be replaced.
3-Unit Bridge £180 - £406
1 more treatment
4.6 / 5  Outstanding
from 94 users
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0203 322 9884 ext: 57394 Vilnius, Lithuania
Rating from 3 Reviews My experience was flawlessJohans, Norway, 21 Jul 17

I had my wisdom tooth removed and a clean. I would like to thank all the Albodent team for the great treatment. My experience has been flawless. The quality of the service and the competence of the dentist was above standards. I highly recommend them.

Implant Bridge from £889
Dental Bridges  
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